A Surrogate Mother’s Story | Interview with Jenn Zussman

In Episode 3, Jenn Zussman and I talk about the emotional experience of becoming a surrogate mother. When her friend told her two years ago that she could no longer carry children and she would need to hire a surrogate if she wanted to have another biological child, Jenn immediately said, “I’ll do it.” She…

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Bullying & Social Exclusion | Stories, Statistics, and Solutions

In Episode 2, my friend Melissa and I talk about the challenges of implementing an effective anti-bullying and social inclusion program at her daughter’s school. She’s been working with the principal, teachers, and other parents to increase communication and involvement when it comes to bullying and social exclusion on the elementary level. We also discuss…

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Elevating DC | An Interview With Sheena Saydam

Sheena Saydam

Welcome to Up With Moms! I am so excited to introduce you to my first guest, Sheena Saydam. Sheena is a mother of two – with a third on the way – and she’s also one of  DC’s most successful real estate agents. Washingtonian Magazine named her one of the DC Metropolitan Area’s “99 Agents…

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