Bullying & Social Exclusion | Stories, Statistics, and Solutions

In Episode 2, my friend Melissa and I talk about the challenges of implementing an effective anti-bullying and social inclusion program at her daughter’s school. She’s been working with the principal, teachers, and other parents to increase communication and involvement when it comes to bullying and social exclusion on the elementary level.

We also discuss the shocking statistics about bullying and youth suicide and share some stories from other parents. Through our research, we found there are a few anti-bullying programs that work and other methods that can actually make the problem worse.

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Below are links to the books and articles we discussed during the podcast.

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Today: One teacher has this brilliant trick to combat bullying, lonliness

Bullying and Suicide Statistics

Psychology Today: What Makes Anti-Bullying Programs Effective

UCLA Research on KIVA Anti-Bullying Program

Author Amy B. Chesler: Where Does Hatred Come From?


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