All About Service | Natasha Harth, 2016’s Military Spouse Of The Year

In Episode 4, I talk to Natasha Harth, 2016’s Military Spouse of the Year.

Natasha is one of those people who just “wows” you with her kind spirit and generosity. We met at an Elevate DC event before I even started this podcast and within a minute of talking to her I knew I had to have her on as a guest.

Listen as she explains how she was inspired to help the homeless in a DC neighborhood, and how that effort grew to be so big she had to buy an industrial-size freezer and started running a food bank out of her house!

In addition to helping the homeless, Natasha is an advocate for military spouse employment, she’s organized numerous drives and events to help military families, she helps make sure foster kids are celebrated on their birthdays, and she does all of this while supporting her active duty husband, raising two daughters, and working full time as a loan officer.

She also talks about her role as 2016’s Military Spouse of the Year and how earning that title led to her appearance on the Today Show. She was also mentioned on Nancy Grace and most recently wrote an article about VA loans for Forbes Magazine.

Here is her contact info and the resources she mentioned in the podcast.

Natasha Harth Facebook Page

Hiring Our Heroes

Forbes article about VA loans

Here is her appearance on the Today Show.

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