“Up With Moms” is hosted by radio personality Dana McKay.

Welcome to Up With Moms, thank you so much for listening and stopping by!

I have been a DJ on pop music radio stations for most of my life. I love my career and all of the fun that goes along with it, but over the last year I started feeling like I needed a place to have more in-depth conversations.

I mostly play music, give away concert tickets, and talk about pop culture on my radio show, but off the air I've had a lot of discussions with other moms about things that are important to us, our children, and our communities. I found myself saying, "I really wish we could talk about this on the radio" quite often, and then it hit me - I can do a podcast!

I created "Up With Moms" in the hopes of bringing more people in on those conversations and connecting moms who are - or want to be - more involved with uplifting others and creating a better world.

If you have an idea for a show or know someone who would make a great guest - or maybe you want to talk about a cause that is close to your heart - please reach out to me at upwithmoms@gmail.com or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram at @upwithmoms. I also welcome your feedback and comments about the podcast.